The concept of a Swadeshi Science Movement was conceived in 1982 at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, under the leadership of Prof. K.I Vasu. They celebrated November 7th, the birthday of Sir. C.V. Raman as swadeshi science day. After long 8 years of birth pangs on December 19, 1990, some scientists, technologists and social workers met at Bangalore and gave an organizational frame work. In 1991, (October 20-21), at the Nagpur meet, it was decided to launch the Swadeshi Science Movement at All India Level and named it as Vijnana Bharati. A broad objective and action plan for the organization have been made and discussed in detail there. This meeting became a turning point in the history of Vijnana Bharati.

The Nagpur meet was attended by 75 intellectuals from ten states of the country participated. The four Southern States and the states of U.P, M.P, Haryana, West Bengal and Delhi were represented. So also were the different scientific disciplines and technical specialities. There were general sessions and also group discussions for comprehending the role of S & T in our nation building. Five different groups belonging to Materials sciences, Health sciences, Bio-sciences, Social sciences and Education, discussed on various relevant issues. Particularly, they considered the possibility and practicality of indigenization in various S & T fields. Consensus was that this policy is not only patriotic, but also imperative, considering our near-total dependence on the west and the resultant economic drain that is driving us into economic slavery.

List of participants in Bangalore Consultative Meet (29 December 1990)

Shri. Dharampal, Madras
Prof. K.I. Vasu, Bangalore
Shri. T.M. Mukundan, Madras
Dr. J.K. Bajaj, Madras
Dr. Sureshwar Sharma, Jabalpur
Dr. S. Shamasundar, Bangalore
Dr. Shivasubrahmanyam, USA
Shri. Jagmohan Garg, Ghaziabad
Shri. H.V. Seshadri, Bangalore
Shri. K.S. Sudarshan, New Delhi
Prof. Rajendra Singh, New Delhi
Dr. Sujit Dhar, Calcutta
Shri. Dattopanth Thengdi, New Delhi
Shri. Nanaji Deshmukh, New Delhi
Dr. Murali Manohar Joshi
Dr. V.B Panicker, Kerala
Dr. H.R. Nagendra, Bangalore
Shri. G.S.R Krishnan, Bangalore
Shri. Binod Kumar Agrawal, Bangalore
Dr. K. Satyanarayan, Bangalore
Shri. M.P. Kumar, Bangalore
Dr. D.S Chauhan, USA
Shri Satish Tamboli, USA
Dr. Ramesh Agnihotri, USA
Dr. Upendra Shenoy, Bangalore
Shri. S.R. Ramaswamy

Participants in the National Meet to launch Vijnana Bharati at Nagpur (20-21 October 1991)