Learn In India

About Learn In India

Objectives of Learn In India

Learn in India, (India International Education Council) is an initiative of VIBHA and is conceived in line with our Prime Ministers ambitious “Make in India” proposal to generate more revenue for the country. The primary focus of Learn in India will be to attract international students to India. It is interesting to note that the world’s first university was based in India, and Nalanda University in the 5th Century CE was home to 10,000 students including students from other countries who reached in droves to partake in India’s elaborate feast of knowledge in as many as 60 subjects. Centuries later, with 700 Universities, 33000 colleges and 20 million students, India boasts of being the 2 largest education system in the world. With all these achievements India still fails to attract even 2% of the 50 lakh internationally mobile students. The Learn in India movement will not only see India as a fast growing educational hub globally, but will also raise the benchmark of quality education in India. With India gearing up to host international students, all institutions will automatically strive to inculcate practices of the highest quality both through their faculty and facilities to match global standards. This move is also intended to uplift the economy of India. Along with promoting general undergraduate and PG courses in Arts, Science, Commerce and Technology there will also knowledge sharing in the fields of Ayurveda,Yoga, Astrology and other such exclusive studies, unique to India.