World Ayurveda Foundation

The World Ayurveda Foundation (WAF) is an initiative by Vijnana Bharati aimed at the global propagation of Ayurveda. As part of a larger intellectual movement under the aegis of the Swadeshi Science Movement undertaken by Vijnana Bharati, WAF is a platform that would take Ayurveda to the world for all the benefits mankind can draw from traditional health sciences. Stakeholder involvement by participation, guidance and responsible management is the hallmark of WAF. The objectives of WAF reflect the global scope that its name provides. Propagation and encouragement of all scientific activities related to Ayurveda are the core principles. WAF also supports research, healthcare programmes through camps, clinics and sanatoriums, documentation, as well as organisation of study groups, seminars, exhibitions, and knowledge initiatives in different parts of the country and across the world. Today, WAF has a wide array of professional representation from across the world. Students, research scholars, practitioners, therapists, public health administrators, cultivators, collectors, multi-disciplinary scientific academics and industry are the prominent stakeholders representing Ayurveda through WAF. The impact of WAF in matters of policy, action, public health, trade, practice, science and above all global for the benefit of society and mankind has started becoming visible owing to its relentless pursuit spanning over a decade. WAF as a movement and body is moving forward with greater momentum year after year, embracing the spirit of cooperation and camaraderie. Join WAF to lend it more strength!

Objectives of World Ayurveda Foundation

World Ayurveda Foundation is a platform for all stakeholders in the ayurvedic fraternity to collaborate, share and propagate Ayurveda around the globe. Researchers, scholars, practitioners, cultivators, consumers, industry and governments are a part of WAF, initiating various programmes for consistent advocacy of Ayurveda. The word Ayurveda Congress which has seen 6 editions since 2002 is a continuum managed and organised by WAF. This is global platform which provides ever evolving forms of scientific exchange between modern science and traditional medicinal systems like Ayurveda. World Ayurveda Congress has so far touched over a million people through its AROGYA expos and in every edition the number of delegates exceeded far beyond expectations. World Ayurveda Congress is actively patronised by 46 countries across the globe. It has been a long standing aspiration of the AYUSH fraternity to have an independent ministry for AYUSH which was announced by the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, immediately after attending the valedictory foundation of 6th WAC.


Shri Chandrasekharan Nair K A

Shri Ranjit A Puranik

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan

Dr. S Sunil Kumar