Igniting Minds

About Igniting Minds

Objectives of Igniting Minds

Igniting Minds is the online video interactive project where eminent scientists and technocrats share their expertise and experiences to inspire and guide our students in the right direction. It is a mission to mould a generation of students, who can dream big and realize their dreams through rational and innovative means for the betterment of humanity. Igniting Minds provides the students a rare and invaluable opportunity to interact directly with the stalwarts of science. Targets: • Connect the Indian student community with renowned scientists, technocrats and social leaders • Create a vibrant and dynamic online portal to expose students to the world of knowledge • Generate curiosity and affinity towards science in students The project consists of 10 sessions in a year, where programmes will be delivered to students from classes 6 to 12. Every session comprises of an attractive documentary film, followed by a webinar hosted by a scientist and a live interactive session. In the interactive session, students pose their various questions to the scientists and clears their doubts. Any questions arising later on are answered by the scientists via e-mail, mail etc.


Dr. Vaisakh