2nd Rashtriya Adhiveshan held during 10th to 12th at Bhopal

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From Jun 11, 2016 to Jun 12, 2016


People’s University, Bhopal

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EVENT Description

2nd VIBHA RASHTRIYA ADHIVESHAN ( VRA) is scheduled to be held at People’s University, Bhopal during 11th and 12th of June, 2016. The four focus areas for deliberations are Health,Science Education,Agriculture and Climate Change. Eminent personalities will address these issues in our VRA. Prof Ashutosh Sharma (Secretary, DST), Dr Girish Sahni (Director General, CSIR), Dr Soumya Swaminathan (Director General, ICMR), Dr Ramesh Chand (Member, NITI Ayog), Dr Anil Kakodkar (Former Chairman, AEC India), Dr G Madhavan Nair (Former Chairman, ISRO), Dr Anil Sahasrabudhe (Chairman, AICTE) are a few among the invitees. Dr Harsh Vardhan ji, (Hon’ble Minister for Science &Technology) will be inaugurating the VRA. Prof K I Vasu ji, Dr Vijay Bhatkar ji and other founder members of VIBHA will also be present during the entire proceedings.