Elocution Competition on Nataraja: A Confluence of Arts and Science

Details of Competitions and Registrations:

  1. Participants will have to record the video of a speech on ‘Nataraja: A Confluence of Arts and Science’.
  2. Video can be recorded on mobile or any other device.
  3. It should be either in Hindi or English language.
  4. Duration - 3 to 5 mins
  5. Format - MP4
  6. Participants will have to register at https://vibhaindia.org/ and upload the video after registering.
  7. Summarize your views on the topic in 50 words while uploading the video.

Who can participate:

A - School students8th to 12th standard students
B - Higher EducationUndergraduate and Postgraduate
C - General

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Vijnana Bharati and CSIR-National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies, New Delhi are organising an online elocution competition on the idea of 'Nataraja - A Confluence of Arts and Science'. On June 18, 2004 an unusual statue of 'Nataraja' was unveiled in the precincts of CERN - European Organisation of Nuclear Research - at Geneva. Most sublime symbol of Indian culture was presented by the Government of India to CERN as a gift to celebrate the long association of India, starting from 1960, with the world's largest particle physics laboratory.

It was a sheer surprise to many as why 'Nataraja' was chosen as a gift to a scientific laboratory where physicists are seeking answers to fundamental questions - What is the universe made of? and How does the universe work?

Is there any connection between arts and science? Profound thinkers and eminent scientists of the modern era have made attempts to indicate possible meeting points of these two seemingly divergent streams. According to some intelligent minds, the enchanting icon of 'Nataraja' represents that meeting point.

In commemoration of unveiling Nataraja at CERN, Vijnana Bharati is organising an online elocution competition on the idea of 'Nataraja - A Confluence of Arts and Science'. Elocution is an art of speech and conveying a message which allows anyone to share their views. This platform will help in gathering knowledge on the topic and spreading the significance of studying art scientifically. Competition aims at drawing attention of curious minds to this confluence of 'arts' and 'science'.